My mother played a video game

I like computers and the games that are played on them. My father had a pong game, but the PC was the number one game playing avenue. Probably much to my mother’s concern that I was not out playing with my friends enough or wasting my time. My mom never touched the computer. I think she hated it. But recently, that has changed a lot. She sends e-mails and talks to me in instant messenger. She has learned a lot in the past few years and really has become a computer literate person. My dad, on the other hand, has played computer games and even written software so he can play puzzles he enjoys. He sits in front of his computer as much as I do, most likely. I would never imagine to see both of them playing a common video game and having lots of fun, ever.

Enter the Wii. Doubles tennis with my brother, my dad, my mom, and myself. It was fun. It was a little bit of a workout. I think everyone had a good time playing. When I think about it, it was weird. Playing tennis in my living room. I think the Wii really does this kind of thing well. It’s just fun to play. And I really like having something that anyone can play and have fun without having to be some kind of video game snob.

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