It ain’t over till someone gets electrocuted

I’m so close to being done moving into my new place, I can almost taste it.

Aside from being sore, tired, sweaty, and up to my neck in boxes; things have been ok. My friend Lou, after a pretty long day of helping me move, almost managed to electrocute himself helping me hook up the dryer. It was a good sign to call it quits for the day. Today I picked up a few last things from my old place (on of many trips this week) and my local server was in the pile. When I turned it on, it almost blew up. Another trip to the fuse box. Fifteen amps doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s enough to send you to the hospital mostly dead.

Thankfully, I do have some very good friends and family who were good sports about lifting everything I own and carting it to the next town over. Lou, Arno, Stone, Nitin, Listener, Jeremy, Seth, Kelley, my mom, my dad, Skye, and Devilstick (I hope I didn’t leave anyone out). Listener really helped my getting pizza and picking up a missing dryer component from the old place. She also helped me make several errands the days before to make sure we had drinks in the fridge. Lou helped me out a lot by picking up a new power adapter for the dryer from the hardware store. Arno (and his wife and daughter) helped me pick up and drop off the moving van. And last, but not least, Devilstick showed up when most of us were low on energy and helped us get the TV, washer, and dryer into the house.

Also, thanks to Triluna and RangerRick for giving me boxes and wrapping paper. I used them all and it sure made things easier on my glasses and plates.

De-frosting my fridge

In the place I have been renting, I don’t have a great fridge. It’s old and very minimalistic. It won’t defrost itself. This is the slab of ice I removed from the ceiling of the freezer.