Will it work? I don’t know. I did about 9 miles tonight and I didn’t really play anything. Just trying to get a good sitting position that let me work the legs and still play a game.


I know that it’s never the new year that suddenly makes men and women older. It’s the steady flow of time, moment after moment, through the course of the year itself. But when I look back, I am not sad or upset at the passing of time. I was more spry, energetic, and probably much healthier back then. But I was also dumber, too introverted, and very unwise. It’s not a bad thing, to be either young or wise. But very few people (if any) are both. To me, it’s a fair trade. I grow older physically, but I become richer every day. I know my friends better. I know myself better. I learn more about this world we inhabit. And when I get things right, and I use the experience I have, I don’t know things better, I understand them.

If I had a hope for a new year, if I could sum up a “wish” of sorts for the future, it would be that there would be more understanding in the world.