Letting go

Recently Scott Kurtz (PvP creator) seemed to get really upset over Sesame Street changing Cookie Monster’s attitude towards cookies. I wonder when the last time he watched Sesame Street was. Is Sesame Street really something Kurtz watches and will be upset by this change. I don’t think so. I think this is more of the same “Lucas is ruining Star Wars” attitude. Scott Kurtz is not the only person who feels that Sesame Street is stomping on his personal memories by trying to do what it has always done, help kids grow up right. So, if you don’t like these changes to Cookie Monster, STOP WATCHING SESAME STREET! It’s not your show and chances are if you are posting about it on the web, it hasn’t been for at least a few years. If changing the message Cookie Monster delivers to kids helps those kids out, I am not going to resent it or try to rationalize how it somehow ruins my nostalgic memories of how things were.

Memories fade. Things change. You can not keep re-living the past forever. This is something people are going to have to make peace with. If it helps, it’s the very fact that things change that makes our memories of the past worth so much to us and others. So get over it! Let go.