The end?

It's alive!


A working computer. Just in time to wander back to Warhammer Online and see the guild I was in is totally dead.

But, Free Realms plays really well on it. :/

Darkest before the light

So long clean room

Still. Not. Fixed.

Three motherboards. Two CPUs. Two PSUs. Two sets of RAM. Three video cards. Not a working computer among those parts.

Until, I got some helps from a friend and found out that both sets of RAM were bad. Most likely damaged by my first motherboard.

Today I might get something of a working computer back. Luckily memory prices are rock bottom these days.

The trouble with computers

Workstation Down!

I save some money by building my own computer. Now I have a computer that won’t boot for some mysterious reason. And I’m without a bevy of replacement parts to even try replacing components to do some basic trouble shooting. Add to the the possability that my power supply might be killing replacement motherboards. Hooray!

The saving grace is how clean this photo makes my computer room look.