Unexpected Wiindfall

I have been known to only own “dead” console systems. I only have two, a PSP and a Sega Dreamcast, so it’s more of a general guideline than a rule. But then Guitar Hero was rumored to be coming to the Wii, plus my experiences playing Wii-Sports, I decided to pick one up. No small task.

I was not going to stalk stores or put down $600 for one (the retail being about $250). I would take my time and visit a Target store or Best Buy when I was nearby. Casually checking for one when I had some time, the lazy approach. And it actually worked out. A new Best Buy was opening near work and it was their opening day. They had been shipped 30 Wii’s that morning and there were plenty sitting on the shelves. So I picked one up. Since it was their grand opening, I also got a free $10 gift card.

Of course, no Wii is complete without a compliment of four controllers so my friends can play doubles tennis or four player bowling. The local Best Buy and Target stores were sold out. But Amazon had plenty and I could wait a week for them to be delivered, right? If only. Using the cheapest (free) shipping method promptly sent my shipment into a United States Postal Service limbo zone. Their technologically advanced system clearly states that the package was delivered, yet I have nothing to show for it. At least Amazon is going to refund my money. By the time all of this transpired, Best Buy had thirty or more controllers in stock and I was able to pick up three more easily.

Mission Accomplished.

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