The stereotypes, they do nothing!

The past week or so, I have been playing on a few different servers. My friend Jeremy started playing WAR again and tried joining me on Dark Crag, but he really hated the Open RvR rules. So we looked at the other servers and their populations and gave Volkmar and Phoenix Throne a try. Phoenix Throne seems to be the most balanced and heavily populated Closed RvR rules server for WAR. It’s also an Role Playing server.

When I played MUSHes, man, it was nothing BUT role play. That was why you played. The whole RP thing never appealed to me in a more modern graphical MMO, though. I think that most people playing on RP servers are doing it to try and escape annoying, petty jerks. Maybe some of them role play … but I don’t see much of it. Just some people talk like Greenskins and don’t use normal grammar and spelling.

And now, to the point. Today I had to stop playing for a while because I felt really angry over the people on Phoenix Throne I was in a scenario with. Obviously, as destruction, we were not doing so hot in T1. The scenario chat was constant arguing and yelling at each other. Sarcasm, insults, etc. I found myself thinking that over on Dark Crag, the “immature script kiddy” server, I never really saw this kind of stuff going on. Everyone knew they were there for one purpose, to win. And yelling at each other does not win a match. And if you really can’t stand it, you leave.

I guess I expected more from the mature, role playing server crowd. My mistake.

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