Umstead and Black Creek

Yesterday, some friends and I rode into Umstead from Cary. It was a good ride and my second for the year. I am hoping that when daylight savings kicks in and the weather is generally warmer, I will get more rides in. Got about an hour of straight riding in. The cooler weather made me really appreciate picking up a shell from REI last year. Keeping the wind out makes the 50 degree weather tolerable.

3 Replies to “Umstead and Black Creek”

  1. Good to see ya updating again, dude!

    Gotta admit… never thought of you as a pastel-purple webpage kinda guy, but I guess it works. heh

  2. Nevermind the purple thing… just discovered my monitor here at work likes to convert colors into pretty pastels. Can’t seem to find the ‘gay’ option in the monitor’s menus though…

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