Ok, I’ll bite on “Seven Favorites”

Syp over at the Gameriot Blogs posted a list of seven favorites about Warhammer Online. And, me being a little lazy, took the time to write some of my own down.

Favorite Zone

So far, the T2 Open RvR areas of Elf-lands are my favorite. I really like the rocky crags of the Shadowlands section of the zone. The fog could be rendered better, but it’s a nice touch.

Favorite Race

Man, this is a tough one. Right now, I’ll say Dwarves. And I don’t even play Order actively. Something about their design and look really appeals to me. The tough little annoying jerks I know they are in PvP is also a draw.

Favorite Career

Again, a touch pick since I really am drawn to several. Shaman has a very cool mechanic that draws me towards playing them. But, at heart, I suspect I’m an aesthetics guy and I really like the look of the warrior priest. But, in the end I’ll give it to the engineer. Dwarf plus turrets and guns is a win.

Favorite WAR Feature

Keeps. Period. Taking a keep, while not the best implimentation, is my favorite part of the game. Defending or attacking, I love the entire concept. I know keeps are in need of some real re-design, but this is where the rubber meets the road for a PvP game.

Favorite Skill

To me, this is like asking for my favorite fork or knife in the kitchen. Uh … all of them? I use some more than others, but I don’t have a favorite. A skill is a skill is a skill … right?

Favorite Scenario

Having never made it past T2 (YET!), I’m limited in my choices here. I’ll say Mourkain Temple. Mostly because it’s a simple scenario, yet few people seem to really play it at it’s face value. Not to mention that since my main career is a sorceress, it’s a great scenario for AoE spells. Muhahaha.

Favorite Live Event

I’m not an event person. I actively avoided logging into WoW anytime there was a holiday event, so I’m not partial to these at all. But, the most recent Night of Murder was really low-key and very well done. These events that are really “icing on the cake” and not a whole other slice of cake I feel obligated to eat are my … uh … cup of cake.

It’s amazing how much my likes and dislikes seem to be contrary to where I spend my time in the game and what career/race I play. I’m a little surprised.

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