Runhammer Online

Run. Run is everywhere.

When you start a new character in Warhammer Online, you do quests and maybe some scenarios. The quests move you along in the world and you level up. The scenarios never disrupt your location in the world. But, then, at some point you will find yourself at a war-camp, and you will find the first flight point. If you decide to press on with questing, you will not enter the dry desert of limited travel. After your first war-camp area, it’s going to be about ten levels or more worth of travel and questing to reach the next war-camp/flight point. During this questing desert, you’re going to do a lot of running.

This is my breaking point. And my current goal in the game. I have never gotten a character past this drought. I can’t seem to get through T2 without losing interest, starting an alt, or just giving up. Many times I feel scenario’d out, there’s nothing really hopping in Open RvR, and I look at my quests and the 10 minute run and it just breaks my spirit. I can’t hop on a bird to the place where I left off. Why not?

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