I complain a lot on this blog, but I am also seriously thankful. And since this is where I spout my gibberish about the MMO gaming world, I’ll post my thanks about the same topic.

Thanks to those guys who cram in hours of work getting the games I play out the door. Thanks for fixing so many bugs. For those that try their best to keep me entertained, thank you. Thanks for the great artwork, voice acting, quest text, model design, web pages, forums, etc. There’s a lot of people working hard around the clock to keep games like World of Warcraft, Warhammer Online, EVE Online, and many more, up and running. Thanks. Server jockeys, managers, QA testers, community managers, thank you.
As a sysadmin, I know that these games I play are hard to make work flawlessly. And rarely do you guys get credit for the hours upon hours where there are no problems. Every time I log in and things just work, it’s a testament to your efforts.
Thank you.

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