What about WoW?

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for a few months now. I think that this is the most enjoyable MMORPG that I have ever played. It’s probably a combination of who I am playing with and how I have approached playing that has made it so fun to play, but the game design has also played a large part.

I was playing my hunter class character and thinking about the concept of having a pet in the game. I know other MMORPGs have done this, but it always seemed poorly implimented or very flat. The ammount of control a hunter has over their pet, the complexity of pet growth, and the interface for pet interaction, all contribute to a really polished and interesting class to play. I could say the same for almost every class and race in the game.

I know that many people have been upset with server problems, but when the game you are trying to play is this good, it seems worth it. We’re not talking about Asheron’s Call 2 here.

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  1. Indeed, the quality of the people you play with is often a deciding factor as to whether an MMO is “fun” or not–after all, who doesn’t like cooperatively laying the smack down?

  2. It’s too fun. I do little else. It needs to be focked up some, maybe bug up abilities (some are now, but not enough to hugely matter) and grossly imbalance some clsses. Something!

    Funny how I just post in here all casual, like I’ve just been hanging out as usual over the past couple years… heh.

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