Snopes is an awesome web site. It’s not unlike FactCheck but with less of a topic focus. Myths, wives tales, urban legends, it’s all here and debunked for the most part. I’ve been spending far too much time here.

The forums are really where the meat of this site resides in my opinion. But after reading most new stuff regarding urban legends and the like, I noticed that hardly any new posts came up. At least, it was a relativly slow trickle of posting going on. Seemed kind of odd. Then I noticed that most of the more intense posting was occuring farther down the forum list in the SLC area. I don’t even know what “SLC” stands for, but this is more like normal forums. I find it a little funny because even the layout of the page seems to lend itself to the concept of a group of animals congregating at the bottom of a lake, rising to the surface occasionally to feast on a new post in the urban legend forums above.

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